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RENNER Kompressoren GmbH, made in Germany

Scroll and Screw compressors

RENNER Kompressoren GmbH screw and scroll compressor's are completely made in Germany. RENNER Co. has used very confident design for their oil free compressors that have competitive advantages with other popular brands.

BERG Kompressoren GmbH, made in Germany

professional in direct drive technology

The BERG Compressors have been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of customers who require highly efficient and long life by direct drive technology

INMATEC GaseTechnologie GmbH, made in Germany

Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators

INMATEC is a company specialized in gas separation particularly nitrogen and oxygen. This separation is based on PSA technology that delivers nitrogen and oxygen from compressed air with high purities

BEKO Technologies GmbH, made in Germany

Compressed Air Treatment

BEKO has developed manufactured and sold high-quality, reliable and efficient components and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology.

BEKO Technologies GmbH, made in Germany

Compressed Air measurement

BEKO is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of compressed air measurement technology

Faraz Compressor's Seminars in AHK

Faraz compressor didactic seminars will held in AHK as usual at least once a month. More ...

Faraz Compressor Building Opening

The new building of Faraz Compressor Co. in Pardis Techno Park, has been opened in the presence of Dr. Sattari (the scientific assistant of the Iran president) and Dr. Zarif (the Iran foreign minister). This building been designed by the expert engineers and architects and got the approval of the civil department of Pardis Techno Park and nominated for the best architecture and design of the year 2014-15.


Faraz compressor Company’s catalog are available for those who are interested in these issues.

Didactic Videos

We are providing some instructive educational videos on compressed air technology and its equipments to ease the process of training and illustrating the parts of the devices and their applications and functions for our customers, guests and audiences. The videos cover Bekomats, Air and Oil Filters and other related subjects. more ...
  1. Products

    Faraz compressor products are including, BERG Kompressoren screw compressor from germany, INMATEC GaseTechnologies oxygen and nitrogen generators from germany and BEKO Technologies compressed air equipments from germany.

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  2. Services

    Portal system of Faraz compressor customers will be launched soon. With this system, each our company customer knows the exact scheduling replacement parts and performing services for their device through their account information.

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  3. Faraz Academy

    Faraz compressor educational seminars are in the way with new approach and 11 years experience of faraz academy and faraz university of Applied Sciences.

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